Exclusively on Etsy, Works From RAB Wearables

Because art shouldn’t be all work and no play. And it definitely shouldn’t be restricted to a canvas.

Welcome to Works from RAB on Etsy!  The exclusive site of made-to-order, custom-painted, wearables and other awesome stuff that is just begging for a coat of paint, or two.

Newest pair of hand-painted Chucks (sorry, but I’m keeping these)


Each item is made-to-order and in direct consultation with the client.

Shoes, bags, boards, and anything else you can dream up that could use some paint and personality.

Its supposed to be fun, carefree, and, while maintaining the style and voice of my artwork, a way to keep art on the streets and accessible to all.

If you’re interested in ordering up a pair of Chuck Taylors, or discussing something else, contact me through this website, through the Etsy Shop, or just shoot me an email at: Rachael.Bohlander@gmail.com

Its art for the street and for the people.

Just the way it should be.

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Up-Coming Solo Show: Art of Empowerment

I am very pleased to announce my up-coming show, Art of Empowerment, at the Hill Center Galleries, from October 5th, through December 30th, 2017:

Included in my show: Sisterhood. Mixed Media Painting.

Located in the Hill Center at the Old Naval Hospital, at 921 Pennsylvania Ave SE, my show will be one of six solo exhibitions taking place at the Galleries as part of the Single Artist Exhibition.  The other artists include: Jonathan Bessaci: collages and portraits | Karin Edgett: acrylic monoprints | Michael Ford: photographs | Judith Peck: oil paintings | Scott Warren: oil paintings.  It is a very strong group of artists.  I feel very privileged to have bee included in what should be an outstanding collection of exhibits.

I will be showing primarily my mixed media work, though there will be one newly finished oil painting too. As the title suggestions, my work will be focusing on empowerment, with a strong feminist influence.  I hope to convey the  strength, dignity, and confidence embodied by those who are overlooked, ignored, and discriminated against, even in the face of the worst kind of persecution, hatred, and intolerance.  The goal is to leave people with a greater awareness and appreciation for all people because, and not despite, perceived differences.

Opening Reception:  October 11th

Holiday Reception: December 10th

More details to come soon!




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“Liberty Unbound (Liberty No. 2)” Receives Honors

My favorites works, and the ones that mean the most to me, are rarely the pieces that everyone else says they like the best. So, it is especially gratifying when one of my faves receives some some extra recognition. It makes me want to do my Happy Dance while shouting, “See!  I knew I wasn’t crazy when I tried … <fill in blank with pretty much anything and you get the idea>”

“Liberty Unbound” is definitely one such piece.  She is created from at least two, but more likely three or four, mixed media drawings that were dismantled for ISM or “irreplicable source material” (yes, irreplicable source material is a real think, if only because I have declared it so),plus some specifically chooses newspaper for color and photo content, and underwent three very distinct iterations as I struggled to find the right language and mediums to bring this Liberty to life.  She was nearly irrevocably dismantled and returned to a state of ISM twice, and did suffer the indignity of being pulled apart and rearranged more times than I care to recall.

Which is why I am so pleased to announce that “Liberty Unbound” received second place honors as part of Zenith Gallery’s National Juried Show #RESIST,  While it is never a good idea to attempt to produce work with the intention of  pleasing the greatest number of people, or even one specific person (a guaranteed method for achieving wholly uninspired, dispassionate work of art), it is a wonderful thing when someone you respect agrees with your creative decisions, understands what you are trying to say, and quite simply, really likes what you’re doing.

Liberty Unbound:


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Zenith Gallery’s #RESIST Review by MetroWeekly

Read MetroWeekly‘s review of #RESIST, a show highlighting the state of our world, democracy, and government, now on exhibit at Zenith Gallery and local Busboys & Poets in Washington, D.C. through the end of September (October 15th for works at Busboys & Poets):


Click HERE for the online version.  Included in the review is a photo of my work, PERSIST (Justice is not Blind), currently on display at Busboys & Poets Brookland.


*I am pleased to have three of my own works included in the show:  Nasty Woman (Liberty No. 1), PERSIST (Justice is not Blind), and Liberty Unbound (Liberty No. 2)

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The #Resist(ence) Comes to Busboys & Poets: Meet the Artists Night at Busboys & Poets 5th and K St NW

Not surprisingly, my art has taken a turn for the political since the election last year.  Equally as not surprising, my art is not alone in this.  People create art for all sorts of reasons and needs, but for those of us who have something to say and use our work as messenger and message, there’s been an awful lot to say these past long months.  (Emphasis on “awful” and “long.”)

Zenith Gallery, in upper northwest Washington, D.C., has been creator and home to the show #RESIST this summer, focusing on work that interprets and reflects the state of our world, our democracy, and our government, and the most pressing issues of now, such as climate change, No DAPL, Black Lives Matter, Freedom of Speech and Expression, Education, and more.  Partnering with  Zenith Gallery is Busboys & Poets, a community gathering place for artists, activists, writers, thinkers, and dreamers, which also happens to have good food, drink, music, and other events.  Three of Busboys & Poets sites are currently home to works from the #RESIST show, including one of my three pieces in the show, PERSIST (Justice is not Blind), at the Brookland location (625 Monroe St NE).

August 31st, the Busboys & Poets that started it all, at K St and 5th NW (1025 5th St NW), will host a evening of art, music, and the artists of #RESIST.  Festivities begin at 6pm and go (officially) until 8pm.  Hope to see you there!

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RESIST. A Juried Show at Zenith Gallery

I am pleased and honored to have three works in the nationally juried show, RESIST, at Zenith Gallery in Washington, D.C.  The show just began, so there’s time to go and check out the works, at Zenith Gallery and at several Busboys & Pets in the DMV area.  As for my work, Nasty Woman (Liberty No. 1) has already sold, but PERSIST (Justice is not Blind) is on view and available at the Hyattsville Busboys & Poets location and Liberty Unbound (Liberty No. 2) is showing at the gallery.


Where:                         1429 Iris St., NW, Washington DC, 20012-1409
Exhibit on Display: 
 Thursday July 13, – September 1, 2017
Opening Reception: Thursday, July 13, 5-8 pm at Zenith Gallery
Information:                Margery Goldberg, 202-783-2963 margery@zenithgallery.com,or art@zenithgallery.com
Gallery Hours:            WednesdaySaturday 12- 6pm, please call for appointment for other times   

Show Dates:               At BusBoys and Poets: July 15- October 15, 2017
Information:                Carol Rhodes Dyson art@busboysandpoets.com, 202-332-6432


RESIST is in honor of the latest Resist movements captivating the globe. We invited professional artists to submit works that interpret and reflect the state of our world today. What is happening to our democracy and our government and the people in our city, nation and world? From climate change, health care, tax cuts, Muslim ban, women’s issues the March for Science, No DAPL, Education, Air Quality, GMOs, and our relationship with the rest of the world!

First Prize winner will receive $450, Second Prize, $350,Zenith Gallery and Third Prize winner will receive $250, Lake Research Partners, Honorable mentions $100 Gift cards for Busboys and Poets.

Zenith Gallery has established deep roots in the nation’s capital with artists and collectors across America and around the world. Long at the forefront of the Washington arts scene, we seek out and feature exceptional artists at varying stages of their careers. 

Busboys and Poets A community gathering place. First established in 2005, Busboys and Poets was created by owner Andy Shallal, activist and restaurateur. Busboys and Poets now in 5 locations is a community resource for artists, activists, writers, thinkers and dreamers.



Carol Rhodes Dyson
Carol has over 30 years’ experience as an art administrator, educator and now curator for museums, galleries, cultural institutions and alternative spaces in Washington, DC; Baltimore, MD and Kansas City, MO. She has extensive experience in exhibition research and production, public program development and performing arts/interdisciplinary productions. Most recently, Carol founded “Social Impact Arts Collective,” a non-profit organization providing curatorial and educational services for underserved communities.

Margery Goldberg
Ms. Goldberg is the owner and curator of Zenith Gallery, as well as the Executive Director and Founder of The Zenith Community Arts Foundation, a 501(c)(3) charitable organization in Washington D.C. Since founding Zenith Gallery in 1978, Ms. Goldberg has curated over 450-plus shows (including numerous traveling exhibitions), multiple Art League shows, and more than 100 corporate collections and projects, including major outdoor sculptures and a permanent installation at the Smithsonian Institute’s Air and Space Museum. 

Celinda Lake
Ms. Lake is a prominent pollster and political strategist for progressives. Celinda currently serves as President of Lake Research Partners.  She is the recipient of an American Political Consultant Award and the Opportunity Agenda Creative Change Award. She has worked on innovative message projects that helped redefine language on the economy, inequality, big money in politics, climate change, public schools, teachers, and criminal justice reform.

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